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Operating Lease

HERTZ is devoted to the sole purpose of providing services for the best possible management of your corporate fleet while reducing, at the same time, your administrative and operational costs.

The infrastructure that has been created, as well as the experience of all these years, allow us to claim that we specialize in everything we engage: 

  • We make sure that your corporate fleet is safe on the streets.
  • We instantly provide flexible solutions for any issue that arises in the operation of your corporate fleet.
  • Our personnel is trained and exclusively equipped to handle matters dealing with your corporate vehicles, offering you solutions and proposals for covering your company needs with minimal engagement on your part.
Leasing Benefits for your company:

1.     Peace of Mind
    a.     You keep your capital for your core business not for buying cars. Leasing is a Financial tool
    b.     Massive buyer (Hertz) achieve better cost terms. Eg car acquisition price, maintenance, insurance, remarketing
    c.     Outsourcing fleet management services (such as delivery of a new car, accident handling, breakdown, replacement car, car return)
        i.     Benefits of outsourcing: labor savings, expertise on fleet management, cost effective  
        ii.    Flexibility. You keep the car as long as you need it
2.      Risk management
    a.    Cost planning
    b.    All the risks of the assets are transferred to Hertz
    c.    No unexpected costs, eg breakdowns, cost of theft, accident repairs, tires, replacement cars

3.       Fleet consultancy
    a.    Fleet optimization
    b.    Tailor-made solutions until multiple products (eg. Different solutions for different driving pattern of employees)
    c.    Renew frequently your fleet (driver satisfaction)  
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