Fly and Drive

Fly and Drive with Aegean and Hertz

The only excuse not to rent a car from HERTZ is not having a driving license.

Hertz, the No. 1 car rental company, offers YOU, passengers of Aegean Airlines, guaranteed preferential rates, and rewards you with miles for every car rental anywhere in the world.


You must be an Aegean passenger to qualify. Follow the steps below to take advantage of the preferential rates.

Visit the website https://rentacar.aegeanair.com/en

Select the car pick-up location and the return location, if different from the pick-up location.

Select the pick-up and return dates and times.

Fill in the Aegean booking code, if available, to receive the preferential rates* offered by Hertz to Aegean passengers.

Select "Search" and wait to advance to the second step in the process.

The second step to "Choose vehicle" allows you to select the vehicle that is most suitable for your needs and to learn more about the exclusive benefits you are entitled to as an Aegean passenger.

The third step is "Confirmation", where you provide your personal information, accept the terms and conditions and complete the booking.

Once you complete the booking, you will see a confirmation message on your screen, and receive a confirmation e-mail with all the necessary details.


When you provide your Miles&Bonus card number during the first step of the booking process at https://rentacar.aegeanair.com, the system will recognise you as a member and the miles you earn will be credited to your account once the car rental is completed. The miles will be credited to members two weeks after the rental has been concluded. The bonus miles are redeemable (not valid toward upgrades).

Through https://rentacar.aegeanair.com/en, you get:

500 redeemable miles for car rentals of up to 2 days
1,000 redeemable miles for car rentals of 3 days or more


Miles&Bonus Gold members are entitled to a vehicle class upgrade by showing their card at the pick-up location and provided vehicles are available.

*Preferential car rental prices from Hertz are valid for the period beginning with the booking date and up to 30 days after the date of the last flight on the booking.

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